Becki Lloyd
Liam M Edwards
Daemian Greaves
Katie Richmond
Peter Radford
Bushra Greaves
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 'Arabesque': As well as the more well known dance associated meaning it also has meanings if ornamental design/flowing lines/Islamic art/fanciful melodies. 

Relating to the 'intertwined' meaning - this is very much how our characters interact with each other throughout the film and the main base of the storyline. 


You will also see reference to  different type of art in Arabesque short film so keep you eyes out fort hat! 

Lastly we hope you will hear the 'fanciful 'melodies on the originals soundtrack by award winning composer Tom Rackham. 


We do like our films to have meaning! 


Nick Archer - Writer & Director
Will J Carman - DOP
Joe Langham - Producer
Olli - Sound
Tom Rackham - Composer
Naomi Long - Runner
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teaser trailer 1

teaser trailer 2

BTS photography by sarah Woolf

by Sarah Woolf
by Sarah Woolf
by Sarah Woolf
by Sarah Woolf
by Sarah Woolf
by Sarah Woolf
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Coalescent Films' most recent film was 'Shoulder to The Plough' starring Becki Lloyd & Richard buck. BeckI won best actress from Berlin Underground FIlm Festival.  

Some of the extensive range of Coalescents work can be on on Amazon Prime. 


more about the film makers


Photo 08-06-2020, 22 36 56.png

Coalescent Films are made up of film makers and actors almost entirely based in Nottingham, East Midlands.  We are proud to prouce work from our roots and would love it to be seen and shared by all over. 


BTS at rehearsals (by sarah Woolf)

by Sarah Woolf
by Sarah Woolf
by Sarah Woolf
by Sarah Woolf
by Sarah Woolf
by Sarah Woolf
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Our intention is to raise money by crowdfunding to enter this film into as many festivals as possible.  It was a collaborative project and made entirely on zero budget. 

Please get in contact if you would like to review our film - beckilloydactor@gmail.com


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